Windex Now Has Refill Pouches You Mix Yourself

Windex today launched Windex Minis, which let you refill your bottle of Windex by pouring in a pouch of Windex liquid, adding water, and stirring. They’re cheaper and there’s less waste. The bigger question is whether Americans will even go for a refillable at all.

While refillables are the norm in Europe, getting Americans to use them has been “mostly five decades of failure,” as one consultant told WSJ. Because laziness is a Constitutional right!

Refillables have been tried before with varying success. The recession, and rising costs of fuel and the petroleum in the plastic are driving SC Johnson to try again here, plus there’s the better profit margin you have on the less-complicated pouches. (All the green eco crap in their press release is just marketing).

They will sell in packages of three for $7.50, which is about the same as you’d pay with a coupon on a normally $2.90 bottle of Windex.

But for an even cheaper, and more effective clean, just dilute some vinegar for a truly streak-free, and eco-friendly, shine.

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