Report: Google Interested In Buying Hulu

After reportedly receiving a mash note from Yahoo, Hulu has decided it’s time to see if it can do better with hunkier suitors. And according to the L.A. Times, it looks like the streaming video site might have found a prospective beau in Google.

The Times reports that Google is going through the preliminary motions of buying Hulu from its current ownership group that includes three of the four major broadcast networks.

From the L.A. Times:

Hulu’s rights to the current season’s TV shows have drawn interest from Google and Yahoo, in part because these popular programs have attracted more than 600 advertisers — including such major brands as McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson and Toyota. Indeed, the site expects to bring in $500 million in revenue this year from advertising and proceeds from its Hulu Plus subscription service.

Additionally, the professionally produced content on Hulu will provide YouTube owner Google with a much wider range of video content for advertisers to sponsor.

Hulu started as an unlikely alliance of Disney, News Corp and NBC Universal. When Comcast purchased NBC earlier this year, it agreed to give up managerial control of the site but maintains its ownership stake.

Google Inc. in preliminary talks to buy Hulu [LA Times]

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