Fireworks Can Explode Both Plastic And Flesh Humans

Those wild and crazy folk over at the CPSC blew up a bunch of mannequins with fireworks on a public lawn in DC to showcase the danger of improperly using fireworks, using illegal fireworks and using professional fireworks when you are not a professional. Here’s the disturbing video. And if you’re a sick puppy, here’s the safety demonstration set to the 1812 overture. Instead of becoming like one of the disfigured humanoids in the video, here’s a few safety tips you can follow:

* Don’t buy fireworks that come in brown paper because that probably means they’re made for professional displays
* Know that some sparklers can actually cause injury
* Light fuses at an arm’s reach, don’t place any part of your body directly over the firework when lighting. Then back up to a safe distance.
* Don’t pickup or relight duds.
* Throwing fireworks at people is not only kind of dick, it’s dangerous
* Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket
* Keep water handy when lighting fireworks and douse them after use to prevent a trash fire

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Celebrating July 4th Safely: Fireworks Big and Small Can Pose Risks, CPSC Urges Caution with Every Use [CPSC Press Release]

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