Extreme Couponer Arrested For Stealing Coupon Inserts

Some people really don’t even deserve the label “extreme couponer.” We should just call ’em “jerks.” The Denton Record-Chronicle reports that a woman in Texas was arrested for buying just one newspaper from the vending machine but then taking all the coupon inserts from all the newspapers inside.

After a rash of coupon thefts was reported, the owner of the newspaper vending machines hired someone to stake them out. That’s when the woman was spotted buying one paper but taking the coupons from all of them, from two separate machines. The spotter called the cops and told the woman to stay put but she drove off. He wrote down the license of her black SUV and the license plate and shared the information with the police, who launched an investigation.

The woman was charged with fraudulent destruction or removal or concealment of writing, a Class A misdemeanor that can get up to a $4,000 fine and up to one year in jail.

The woman told reporters that she plans to pay for the fine with the money she saves from clipping coupons.

Blotter: Woman charged in coupon thefts [Denton Record-Chronicle] (Thanks to Stacie!)

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