Website Offers Peace Of Mind About Security Of Your Email Password

Back in my day, I had to walk five miles in the snow to make sure my password was safe, but now, what with all the hacking going on, there are easier ways to check if yours has already been compromised. Like a handy dandy website, for one.

“Should I change my password?” is the question asked by the site of the same name, and it works on a pretty simple basis.

You enter your email, and voila, you find out whether or not your info has been compromised with a simple message: “It looks like your passwords may be safe. No instances of compromise are recorded in this database. However, it’s good practice to change your critical passwords regularly and ensure they are not re-used across multiple sites.”

This works as hacking groups have published their databases, which contain email addresses and passwords. The site searches through several of those lists that have been released to the public.

No passwords are stored in their database, or email addresses you enter, making it one less thing you have to worry about.

Should I Change My Password? Quickly Checks if Your Password Was Compromised in a Recent Hack [Lifehacker]

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