Build Your Own Seltzer Maker At Home

I am a seltzer fiend. Before I got a seltzer bottle with cartridges we could go through a liter every day or so if I was feeling parched. That’s a lot of bottles to lug from the store and a lot of plastic filling up the recycling. Even cartridges can be a pain because you have to keep popping them in all the time. Really what would be ideal is one of those spray nozzles like they have in bars. It turns out that installing one isn’t that hard, as the Etsy blog shows in this great how-to. You need to be cool with drilling, clamping and storing a big CO2 tank somewhere, but that’s a small price to pay for an endless river of tongue-dancing bubbles.

How-Tuesday: Build Your Own Seltzer Maker [Etsy]

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