Apt. Complex Using DNA To Find Who's Not Curbing Their Dog

Call it CSI: Timberwood Commons. WMUR reports the manager of the apartment complex there is making all the of the dog owners in the building submit DNA samples from their dogs. Then she will compare it with the DNA of the dog poop that’s been left around the grounds to find out who hasn’t been cleaning up after their dog.

The manager, Debbie, is going to use an off the shelf DNA kit to swab all the dogs cheeks. Then comes the unpleasant step: “We have to take a sample of the dog doo doo,” she told WMUR. The samples will then be sent to a lab for analysis.

Once they figure out whose dog it is, what then? Debbie says the perp will have to pay a fine.

In other words, Debbie has just created a fee that you pay that lets you let your dog crap wherever it wants.

Apartments To Use DNA To Ensure Dog Poop Cleaned [WMUR] (Thanks to Harper!)

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