Around $2.7 Million Stolen From Citi Accounts After Hack

The fallout continues from the May 10 breach of Citi’s credit card account files by hackers. The bank now says that a total of around $2.7 million was stolen from a relatively small percentage of the 360,000 breached accounts.

According to CNN, that $2.7 million only came from around 3,400 accounts, less than 1% of all those that were affected by the hack.

“Customers are not liable for any fraud on the accounts and are 100% protected,” the bank said.

Who knows if this will be the final word on the May 10 incident, which wasn’t made public until early June. At that time, the bank announced that 200,000 accounts had been impacted by the attack. That number was later increased to 360,000.

Citi has taken heat from critics both for waiting weeks before notifying affected customers and for the ease with which its system was breached.

Citi: Millions stolen in May hack attack [CNN]


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  1. nakis says:

    ::crickets as consumerist readers go check their citi accounts for fraud::

  2. Torchwood says:

    Let me guess…. they cut back on the IT budget so that necessary upgrades and security measures were “indefinitely postponed”, allowing for a bigger paycheck for the CEO. Then, they act surprised when something like this happens.

  3. econobiker says:

    “Citi has taken heat from critics both for waiting weeks before notifying affected customers …”

    They probably wanted to sell more credit monitoring services…

    • savvy9999 says:

      …and send out more balance transfer checks, disguised in envelopes marked “important account information”….

  4. Loss Leader says:

    The bothersome thing is that they took $2,698,368.48 from me and forty-eight cents each from the other 3,399 guys.

  5. savdavid says:

    It seems Citi is saying to thieves “hack and enjoy”. Do they even care?

  6. dush says:

    I’m sure this makes the ING people happy.