Newsprint-Scented Candle Kindles Nostalgia Without Ink-Stains

If you’re nostalgic for the days when print ruled the world, but don’t want to be bothered with actual newspapers, the late designer Tobias Wong’s “Times of New York” candle, inspired by The New York Times, may be for you.

According to Project No. 8, “Wong proposed producing a candle with the fragrance of newsprint inspired by The New York Times, an institution he greatly admired.”

Various Projects and Josée Lepage of Bondtoo were close collaborators and friends of Wong’s. We have realized his Times of New York candle in a limited edition of 1000.

The scent of the candle is newsy, with hints of guaiacwood, cedar, musk, and spice. Characterized by “a powdery note and velvet nuance,” the scent is meant to mimic the aroma of black ink on newsprint.

The limited edition candle goes for $65, which could buy a 12-week subscription to The New York Times. But we really don’t recommend burning those.

Tobias Wong’s The Times of New York candle [Project No. 8 via PSFK]

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