Money Mistakes And How To Rebound From Them

Unless you’ve got unlimited resources, you’ve probably made a major mistake with your money at some point that you’ve come to regret and learn from. But no matter how poor you are with money, there’s pretty much always a way to recover and become financially stronger than before.

Writing at Bargaineering, Miranda names some major money goofs, as well as what she’s learned from her tailspins.

Miranda admits piling on the debt in her college days, both in student loans and credit cards. The experience made her wiser about taking on debt in the future and regretful that her free spending put her several thousand dollars deeper in the hole than she could have been.

She also recounts how she failed to keep up with her taxes once she started doing freelance work from home. Now she’s learned to pay taxes quarterly and prepay state taxes to avoid being overwhelmed at tax time.

What is your biggest financial mistake, and what did you learn from it?

Have You Made a Big Money Mistake? How Did You Fix It? [Bargaineering]

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