Walmart Releases Video Of Vigilante Jumping On Robbers' Hood

Walmart has released CCTV footage of the shopper who jumped onto the hood of a car full of would-be beer shoplifters in an attempt to kick in their windshield and stop them from speeding away with their pilfered lager.

Monique Lawless doesn’t work for Walmart. She says she was just so disgusted by the alleged shoplifters’ arrogance and smugness as they walked out with several cases of beer they hadn’t paid for, confident that no one was going to stop them. They didn’t count on 5ft 125 lb 42-year old single mother of two being on the scene.

The video shows her stridently powerwalking out of the Walmart. She then struts directly to the getaway car and jumps on top of the hood of the Camaro. Monique then walks on top of the windshield and starts pounding on it with her feet. She can tell it’s not going to affect them so she slides off and starts wrestling with the driver’s side door, but the car speeds off, flinging her to the asphalt.

Police apprehended the suspects not long after, including one that they pinned to a fence with their patrol car.

Lawless told the Houston Chronicle that she would probably do the same thing again, with one minor variation. “t I would probably throw a shopping cart in front of the car instead of jumping on the hood and roof.”

Walmart Shopper Jumps On Hood Of Getaway Car To Prevent Beer Heist

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