Couponer Banned From Walmart Following Argument

A self-proclaimed extreme couponer says Walmart banned her from all stores for life following a heated argument with a manager over coupon policy.

The woman tells Fox 12 Idaho that she tried to record the conversation with the manager with her iPhone, but he slapped her hand away and told her to either pay full price for her stuff or leave. She says that after she left, an employee followed her to the parking lot and asked her to return to the store because she’d committed a crime. She drove to a gas station instead and called police, who told her that she had been banned from Walmart, which was news to her.

Fox 12 Idaho called Walmart’s corporate communications hotline but received no response about why the woman was banned.

Says the woman, who suspects it was the attempt to record the confrontation that got her booted:

“Well, I want to know why they kicked me out of the store nationwide, for one thing. I didn’t do anything wrong and I also would like to go back to Walmart.”

Banned for life [Fox 12 Idaho]
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