Pay $400 To Play With Bulldozers In Las Vegas

If you’re looking for something different to do on vacation this summer, how about playing in a giant sandbox driving bulldozers and earth movers? That’s the idea behind “Dig This,” a “construction theme park” opening in Las Vegas this summer.

It’s a 5 acre dirt park with two Caterpillar D5 track-type bulldozers and three Caterpillar 315CL hydraulic excavators. A 3 hour-package for $400 gets you a half-hour of safety and handling instruction and then you’re free to let it rip. Build a 10 foot deep trench, pile a mound, or pick and move 2-ton tires and snag basketballs from safety cones.

“Once we get our model finalized, we could move to Atlanta and New York as well as Tokyo and Australia,” the developer told Engineering News-Record.

You could also recreate this experience at home by getting a job in construction. Not only is it cheaper, they’ll actually pay you to do it. [Official Site]
Heavy-Duty Playground Opens in Las Vegas [ENR] (Thanks to Lee!)

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