Hit Up Big Attractions On Your Road Trip And Still Save Cash

Taking a vacation via your vehicle is already one way to save some money, instead of flying your entire family to a destination that will add even more costs. But just because you’re saving by driving, there are even more ways you can stretch a buck on a roadtrip and still see the big attractions.

CNNMoney outlines a few ways road trippers can save, even when going somewhere with big ticket attractions like Orlando. Going to Disney World means you’ll have to pay to get into the park, but since you have a car at your disposal, save money by staying somewhere outside the park.

Instead of paying $498 at somewhere like Disney’s Grand Floridian in July, Expedia suggests finding a hotel within 20 miles like the Polynesian Isles Vacation Villas in Kissimmee, where you’ll pay only $117 per night. Some hotels might even offer theme park packages.

For those heading to the West Coast to check out San Francisco, the tactic of staying outside the city is a steal as well. In this case, booking a room 10 minutes by car outside San Francisco can be much cheaper, and the parking is free! You can also drive around wine country, as well as heading into the city to see the attractions there like the farmers market, farmers market and live music.

CNN also suggests the free Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, which has free outdoor concerts for kids and adults all summer.

For more suggestions on road tripping to cities like New York City, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, check out the whole gallery at CNN.

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