Would You Pay $3 To Watch Rebecca Black's 'Friday' On YouTube?

Well, it’s Friday, so it’s time for my usual ritual: rocking out to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video and hoping that no one catches me in the act. Except….wait a minute! Where did the video go? YouTube copyright claim?! It turns out that the video has been pulled from YouTube by Miss Black and her family since the vanity record label that produced the song and video has been trying to cash in on the inexplicable song’s inexplicable success. The last straw came when the label tried to charge users a $2.99 YouTube rental fee to view the clip. Which leads to the important consumer question: is there any music video that you would pay three bucks to watch?

Oh, well. The Stephen Colbert/Jimmy Fallon/The Roots/Taylor Hicks version is vastly superior. And free, using that venerable content model of letting people watch stuff for free, then putting ads up on it.

Rebecca Black Pulls Friday From YouTube After Dispute With Ark Music [Cinema Blend] (Thanks, Dee!)

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