Guy Relieves Self In Reservoir, Costs Portland $33K

If you absolutely, positively cannot make it to the restroom when in public, do your city a favor and aim at most anything other than its water reservoir. A man who confessed to disobeying such common sense has caused government coffers to leak nearly $33,000 to rectify the contamination.

Northwest Cable News reports that the Portland Water Bureau viewed the man in action on a security video and elected to drain part of the Mount Tabor Reservoir to cleanse it of the urine.

A representative from the organization said the $32,700 effort was more necessary to flush away any concerns of grossed-out drinkers than it was to prevent any health issues:

“More likely than not a tiny bit of urine in 8 million gallons of water isn’t going to hurt anybody. But in this one, I guess I’m responding in part to the yuck factor.”

To pay for the draining, the government won’t be able to turn to the alleged perpetrator, who could face misdemeanor charges and fines. He says he’s unemployed but willing to do community service and feels “pretty bad and stupid.”

Man urinates in Portland’s Mt. Tabor reservoir; flush to cost $33K [Northwest Cable News via The Awl]

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