Do DVD Rental Store Closures Make Summer Road Trips Tougher?

Now that spotting an open Blockbuster location is a novelty that merits a double take, and scores of other video rental chains have vanished, movie fans who want to rent some DVDs for the road have had to change the way they operate. Redbox remains an option for nightly rentals, and Netflix will still ship out discs via the mail, but gone are the days you can stop by a rental store, browse and pull some discs off the shelves and not have to return them for a week or so.

According to a Washington Post trend story, the lack of DVD rental stores complicates road trips. Noting that D.C. is now down to its last Blockbuster, the reporter talks to renters who lament the changing times.

If you stock up on DVDs for road trips, how do you go about renting your movies? And what do you miss most about video rental stores?

Blockbuster closings strain search for DVD rentals for summer vacations [The Washington Post]
(Thanks, Katie!)

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