Walgreens "Sorry" They Gave Patient 10x Recommended Dosage

She was hit with incredible pain and muscle spasms in her chest so bad that Arizona woman thought she was going to die. The strike was so severe she would turn red and purple. Sometimes she would have a hundred of these attacks each day, each time thinking that this would be the one that would kill her. Now Walgreens tells ABC15 that they’re “sorry” for refilling her prescription with 50mcg pills. She was only supposed to get 5mcg ones.

Many pharmacies have computer system that tell the pharmacist if a given dosage exceeds what the patient should get. But Arizona pharmacies aren’t required to use them.

However, it’s important for patients to take responsibility in their own care. Even if it’s a regular prescription you get, you should check to make sure the pills look the same and the dosage instructions are the same on the side, especially if you find yourself suffering from new and unusual symptoms.

In a statement to ABC15, Walgreens said, “Prescription errors are rare and we take them very seriously. We are sorry this occurred and we have apologized to the patient. We have a multi-step prescription filling process with numerous safety checks in each step to reduce the chance of human error. We have investigated the matter and will work to prevent this type of incident from happening in the future.”

Valley pharmacy says ‘sorry’ for dosage mistake [ABC15] (Thanks to Grant!)