AT&T Annoys With Fake "Your Receipt Enclosed" Mailer

Reader Sean got an odd notice from AT&T. It had “Receipt Enclosed” written on the outside of the envelope. He thought that was strange as he hadn’t used AT&T for a few years. Recently someone had tried to charge some unauthorized items on his credit card so he was worried that someone had bought AT&T service using his info. See, that’s how they getcha! By preying on that nagging doubt that maybe, just maybe, the letter is for real.

So he opened it up and found the “receipt” inside. It was his “Savings Receipt,” showing him how much he could save if he switched to AT&T.

“I wonder how many people love being deceived by a mailer so much that they feel the urge to purchase services from that company,” writes Sean, who was inspired to send his story in after seeing our post about the green postcard with the phone number on it that you shouldn’t call. Good question, Sean, good question.

If You Get This Green Postcard, Don’t Call The Number