Ken Dumps Barbie After Learning She's Into Deforestation

Last week, Ken broke up with Barbie after finding out some of the paper in her packaging comes from a Singapore company, Asian Pulp & Paper (APP), they accuse of clearcutting rain forests and destroying endangered tiger habitats. In the animated video put out by Greenpeace, he shrieks after seeing video of Barbie chainsawing the forest and laughing like a mad woman, and shouts, “It’s over!” before punching the camera. Later, activists rappelled down the side of Mattel’s headquarters to unfurl a banner announcing the breakup, and Barbie herself showed up in her bright pink “Dream Dozer” before the cops arrested her. Now in response to the campaign, Mattel announced they’re cutting APP out of their supply chain.

“While Mattel does not contract directly with Sinar Mas/APP, we have directed our packaging suppliers to stop sourcing pulp from them as we investigate the allegations,” the company announced on their Facebook page, which is usually reserved for promoting things like World Wish Day and cross-promoting Cars 2. The company also announced a new “Sustainable Procurement Policy” for all of their products which “will require packaging suppliers to commit to sustainable forestry management practices.”

The announcement was a change of pace from Mattel’s initial response to the Greenpeace action, which was to call their actions “inflammatory,” disable comments on Barbie’s Facebook wall, and shut down on trademark grounds Greenpeace’s Facebook ad campaign about the breakup.

In a statement, Aida Greenbury, Managing Director, APP, said, “Despite Greenpeace’s unsubstantiated allegations, the facts are that our packaging materials contain more than 95% of recycled paper sourced from around the world… We are happy to share the scientific analysis of our packaging materials with anyone who wants to review it.”

Here is Greenpeace’s investigation on APP’s practices and how they link to Mattel.

Here’s the video of the action at Mattel HQ. It’s worth it just to see an actress playing Barbie drive the “Dream Dozer”:Here’s the breakup video that kickstarted the campaign:The only question is, now that Barbie has changed her ways, will Ken take her back?

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