Click-Rich Daily Deal Sites Attract Plenty Of Window Shoppers

While it’s always fun to get 57% off your next visit to A Time to Kiln, plenty of people clicking around on daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social are just there to window shop or discover new businesses, without purchasing a thing, says a new poll. (via The New York Daily News) reports that over half of the 1,000 respondents they polled go to daily deal sites to see what’s new or at least, new to them, and 63% believe it’s a good tool to get the word out for new companies.

And although many consumers check out businesses just because of a coupon, of respondents who did purchase deal, 68% went back to the business without a deal.

Everyone seems to still like Groupon, as 85% of pollees used it, compared to LivingSocial at 55%. But even if they’re on the site, more than a quarter say nothing was attractive enough to buy while on the site, and around a third were just looking for the sake of looking, and hadn’t bought a deal in the last year.

Are you a daily deal fan or has the bloom come off the rose?

Daily deal sites rake in clicks not cash as peple log on just to window-shop [New York Daily News]