Washington State High Court: Employers Can Fire Medical Pot Users

Although the state of Washington is known to be fairly lenient to marijuana users, and especially those who use the drug for medical purposes, smokers in the state still put themselves at some risk. The state Supreme Court ruled that employers may fire workers who take medical marijuana, even if they only use the drug at home and don’t show ill effects from it on the job.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports a justice wrote that the state’s Medical Use of Marijuana Act “does not provide such an unlimited right” and that employees can’t use the law in employment disputes. The ruling stems from a case in which a woman was fired after she failed a drug test and admitted to her employer that she used marijuana prescribed for her migraines.

Where do you think the law should intercede when it comes to a patient’s right to medication and an employer’s will to maintain a workforce free of pot smokers?

Medical marijuana users can be fired, high court rules [Seattle Post-Intelligencer via Fark]

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