Agents For Dept. Of Education Kick In Door, Handcuff Woman's Husband For Six Hours

UPDATE: A Department of Education reps tells Animal New York that the search warrant, in spite of what was reported by local TV outlets (see video below) was for a criminal investigation and not in regards to a defaulted student loan.

A man in Stockton, CA, got a rude awakening yesterday morning when he says a SWAT team kicked in his door, handcuffed him and made him sit in his underwear in the back of a police car for six hours.

The man and his children were detained outside of their house for several hours while police executed a search warrant issued by the Dept. of Education.

Why? It was initially reported that the search warrant had been issued because the man’s estranged wife had defaulted on a student loan. But a rep for the Dept. tells Animal New York that it was related to an unspecified criminal investigation and that the “Inspector General’s Office does not execute search warrants for late loan payments.”

“They busted down my door for this,” he tells “It wasn’t even me.”

The man says all he wants now is an apology… and a new door.

Dept of Education breaks down Stockton mans door []

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