New Airport Scanner Could Have You Through Security In Only Seconds

Air travel authorities have begun showing off a new type of airport security scanner that would allow travelers to walk through a tunnel-like device without having to remove coats, belts, shoes or even hand over their carry-ons for separate screening.

The device, which is expected to begin trials some time in the next 18 months, was recently unveiled by the International Air Transport Association. The idea is to give passengers the chance to speed through security, cutting down on the amount of time spent partially disrobing and then recombobulating.

Using an iris-scanning system, it would first divide travelers into three categories. The first would be “known travelers,” people who have been pre-screened by authorities (The TSA has said they are considering a program for such people). These travelers would enter the fastest tunnel, which would only use x-ray, metal and liquid detectors.

The second group, “normal travelers,” would get a shoe scan and pass through an explosive trace detector.

The final group, those who raise some sort of red flag with security, will be funneled off to go through the full-body scanner we’ve all come to love.

New airport scanner which will take just five seconds []

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