Comcast Hangs Up On Me When Office Hours End

If you plan on calling Comcast customer service, make sure it’s not within minutes of closing time for Kabletown operators because they won’t stick around to hear you complain about their awful service.

That’s the lesson learned by reader Brendan, who called Comcast at 8:45 p.m. — 15 minutes before the stated close of business — the other night with a query about his bill.

Writes Brendan:

The woman I spoke with says she has to transfer me to another department… I say OK, and hold the line for the transfer.

After waiting a few minutes, I speak to another woman in this other department about getting my old promotion put back on my account, she goes over my bill and starts looking for a new promotion to give me so I can get my bill back down.

She doesn’t have much luck, and says that she has to transfer me yet again to ANOTHER department who should be able to give me the right package.

I wait on hold for about 30 seconds, and then the call suddenly drops. I didn’t accidentally hang up, and I didn’t lose service from my cell phone. The Comcast system actually HUNG UP on me!

Here’s the kicker: When I call back, the Comcast robot informs me that customer service offices are closed, normal business hours on Saturday are only until 9:00 p.m.

I look at the clock — it’s 9:01 p.m. Comcast actually HUNG UP on me right at 9:00 p.m. while I was on HOLD waiting to be transferred to another department because it was the end of their “normal office hours”!

Since Comcast has demonstrated time and again that it has no intention of actually improving its customer service, let Brendan’s story stand as a reminder to give yourself at least an hour before Comcast closing time if you expect to escalate enough times to actually speak to someone who can help you out.

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