California School Wants To Know If Your Child Was Born Vaginally

There are many questions a school should ask parents of new students during the enrollment process — age, previous schools, proof of identity and residency, vaginal delivery or C-section — wait… what was that last one again?

Some parents in Roseville, CA, aren’t too thrilled with being asked about which delivery method was used for the birth of their child.

“I really don’t feel think the school asking if the child was delivered vaginally or by C-Section is appropriate,” one mom tells CBS13 in Sacramento. Making matters more curious, for children born via C-section, the school asks the reason why. “What’s next? This is an invasion of our privacy.”

Confounding the issue further, the mom says it looks like the school isn’t even reviewing the answers to this intrusive question: “We had someone that we know write ‘purple.’… Nobody contacted them about it, because these questions aren’t actually relevant to enrolling the child.”

School Application Criticized For Birth Questions [CBS13]

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