Cox Adds Banner Ads To Cable Programming Guide

Andy’s Cox Cable DVR/cable box received an upgrade last night. What exciting new features would his television receive? As it turns out, the upgrade included an impressive new feature: a big old advertising block on the bottom of the channel guide screen that wasn’t there before.

He writes:

I got home today and turned on my tv and noticed my cable box had been updated. Now the channel search interface has ads in it! It is bad enough to have to listen to all of the lame Cox advertisements every commercial break, but now I have to look at ads while searching for something to watch.


The worse part is the new ad space could be used to show more channels. I could understand if it was free, but I pay for this service. I feel like Frito trying to watch “OW! MY BALLS!” with ads all over my tv screen.

The ad-filled screen Andy’s referring to is from the movie “Idiocracy.” Here it is:

We’re not there yet. Maybe in another 500 years.