The World Needs These Wine Glass Holder Necklaces

Have you ever been to a classy wine-soaked bacchanal and been all like, damn, I wish I could use both my hands right now but one of them is holding a wine glass? Well be frustrated no further, because The Freehand is here. It’s a wine glass and necklace combined so that you can wear your wine glass around your neck, leaving your hands free to hold your tiny hors d’oeuvres plate and your plastic knife. Holla!

These have been around for a while, a frequent sight at wine festivals and in SkyMall catalogues, but we were only recently alerted to their existence and how funny they look.

For some reason they cost $25 for two when it’s just a freaking keychain string with a plastic circle attached. Clearly a candidate for a product that could be easily made, and made more customizable, through some sort of manufacturing process located within your own residence. Which is why some people have chosen to crochet theirs.

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