Blippy Realizes People Don't Want A Social Network Where You Share All Your Credit Card Purchases Online

Blippy was a weird social networking site where users entered in their credit card information and then it let you publicly broadcast everything you purchased online. A year and a half after its launch, they’ve realized that no one really wants to do that and have decided to shut down that part of the site and reformat.

According to TechCrunch, the site’s CEO, and a peek at their analytics, revealed it never really got traction, there would be spikes after news articles but then it would die down and there was never enough of an organic buildup.

Blippy has now switched over to a site “where people obsessively write reviews about everything they buy.” Which is a behavior humans actually have a demonstrated interest in engaging in, the only problem being it’s already done all over the internet, in Amazon reviews, in what people write on their blogs and Tumblrs and Facebook walls. I’m not sure what the value-add is in going to a separate site built around product reviews.

The End Of Blippy As We Know It [TechCrunch]

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