Get Your Pet Ready To Fly

With the number of pet deaths on the rise, 39 last year vs 22 in 2009, pet safety while traveling is very important. Here are some tips on making sure your pet is ready to take the big trip in the sky with you:

The New York Times suggests:

Get the right carrier — Double-check your airline’s policies on carriers and make sure its size is within the acceptable range. Secure it properly and make sure there’s no chance your pet could unlatch it on its own.

Tucker them out — take them on an extra-long walk or do a really extended play session so that they’re more likely to fall asleep on the plane.

Get them acclimated — put the carrier on the floor of the car on the way to the airport so they get used to feeling vibrations.

Consider boarding them instead — you’ll have no stress about whether they make it through the airplane trip by just leaving leaving them at home at a nice local kennel.

What to Know When Traveling With Your Pet [NYT]

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