Zappos Saves Best Man From Going Barefoot At Wedding

Though he initially only chose them for being the cheapest, Zappos has won a customer for life out of reader Jay because they saved his butt, or rather, feet. He’s the best man in a wedding this Saturday and thanks to UPS routing his package to the wrong place, he wasn’t going to have the shoes he ordered in time for the big day. Then a call to Zappos got his problem solved in a way that far surpassed his expectations.

Jay writes:

I am the best man in a wedding on Saturday, and ordered the shoes the groom picked out for us on

I paid for 3-Day Select shipping from UPS (Ordered on 5/12) to ensure that I would get them on time (Flying out 5/19).

UPS accidentally routed my package to the wrong location. When it finally arrived at my local service center the night of 5/18, I called UPS customer service to ask them to hold the package for pickup at the service center, so that I could ensure I was able to get the package before leaving for the airport. I was informed by the customer service rep that such arrangements could only be made by UPS after the first delivery attempt. She then suggested that the shipper might be able to make those arrangements. I asked for clarification “So what you’re saying is, the shipper can have the package held for me at its current location, where it will not be going out for delivery for several hours, but you, the UPS customer service rep is unable to make such arrangements?” She replied “Yes.”

I guess there is no arguing with that.

I called Zappos hoping they would be able to make the arrangements for me, and received far more than I wanted or needed. I spoke with Lydia Burrola who listened carefully to my situation, and offered me an even better option than having the package held at UPS.

She offered to overnight a replacement pair of shoes to my destination, and intercept the original shipment to be rerouted back to Zappos.

No need to go out of my way, Zappos would ensure that I was able to get my shoes on time.

But she wasn’t done yet. She upgraded my account to “VIP” — giving me free overnight shipping on all subsequent orders. It was at this point I felt I had to tell her that this level of service was both outstanding, and completely unexpected.

But, again, she wasn’t finished. On top of completely taking care of my problem and adding the “VIP” bonus, she then issued a complete refund. Free shoes. Unbelievable.

Zappos has earned a customer for life — In addition to all of this, I originally ordered from them because they had the cheapest deal on the shoes I needed.


Zappos gives its customer service reps broad leeway to, at their discretion, make their customers really happy. Looks like it’s getting good ROI.

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