Amazon's 'Frustration-Free' Packaging Means Selling Item Without AC Adapter

From the Consumerist phone tipline: Reader Jonathan ordered a Jawbone headset from Amazon packaged in the company’s exciting “frustration-free” packaging. Unfortunately, in this case, “frustration-free” means “AC adapter-free,” and the best Amazon can do is to take the item back for a refund.

Here’s the message Jonathan left on our voice mail, and a rough transcript in case you’re in a place without speakers.

Hi, Yes, my name is Jonathan and I wanted to make you guys aware of something that’s going on with The other day in the gold box sales, they had a Jawbone product that’s on sale. I went and ordered one, you know, because it was pretty inexpensive, which is nice, and I really need a bluetooth headset.

So, I got the headset and discovered that even though the instructions that come with it say that it supposed to include in the AC adapter it only came with the USB adapter. Well, after calling Jawbone and after calling Amazon, it turns out, that the reason it didn’t come with the AC adapter was because of Amazon themselves. If you buy the Jawbone directly from Amazon, because of their new frustration free packaging, it comes with the USB adapter. But not the AC plug.

Meanwhile, if I had gotten it from any of the other sellers on Amazon, like Ocean Electronics. I believe it was called, it would cost me about the same amount or less, and it would have come with the USB Adapter. No, I’m sorry, it would’ve come with the AC wall brick. However, because it was Amazon it doesn’t.

So, Jawbone won’t do anything, and Amazon, won’t do anything other than just let me returning it and get my money back, which you know. I think is kind of crappy that here your selling something for the same amount as everyone else or more. The only difference is a change the packaging that’s taking something out of it.

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