Before You Shop, Check Out The Best Printable Coupon Sites

Whether you’re into saving a little money or a whole lot (have you seen extreme couponers at work? It is nuts!) it’s helpful when collecting printable coupons to make sure you’re getting the real deal. For all the various sites out there offering a deal, many offer counterfeit coupons or are otherwise hard to redeem.

SmartMoney put together an updated list of seven of their earlier best sites to print coupons from, to advise consumers before they head off to the grocery store clutching those precious slips of deal-delivering paper. Bad sites can even outnumber the good out there, by four-to-one.

One handy thing to note: The better sites usually require specific software to print out bar codes so that you can’t print an unlimited amount, and the not-so-good ones might offer coupons with “unknown” expirations listed.

Check out a few below (full list at SmartMoney) and feel free to suggest your own favorites in the comments: Good for grocery coupons, and has the biggest selection and allow for some coupons to be loaded onto your supermarket loyalty card.

Coupon Cabin: This site uses a test team to try out the coupons on a daily basis, and will even guarantee some from major retailers.

DropDownDeals: This one uses a downloadable tool bar to navigate the coupon database and will display deals if you happen to be on a retailer’s site. Works well if you don’t even know you’re looking for deals!

Facebook: Sometimes it can pay off to “Like” a favorite brand — Facebook often offers sales and deals to you right in your news feed.

The New Best Coupon-Clipping Sites [SmartMoney]

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