Find The Best Stuff On Etsy With A Site-Specific Google Search

With over 800,000 different sellers on Etsy, a major online shopping site for buying handcrafted items directly from the makers, it can sometimes be a chore to wade through the clutter to find what you’re looking for. But StylishHome points out that just by doing a Google search that only scans within Etsy itself, you can take advantage of Google’s ranking algorithm to find the best items.

StylishHome writes:

The best shops on Etsy tend to get mentioned in the media and their shops get linked to by design bloggers, mentioned on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Google uses this information to rank the best Etsy stores. You can have Google do a special, yet simple, query to get what you want by entering the following at Google: “ decorative pillow” (without the quotes). For other items, simply replace “decorative pillow” with whatever you’re shopping for. For example, try “wood bench,” or “French décor.”

For even faster searching, click to the right of the Google results to get a picture preview of the items on sale.

More tips and tricks for Etsy searching are at StylishHome.

How to Quickly Find the Best Stuff on Etsy [StylishHome]

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