Sony Breach Could Flood Market With Millions Of Cheap Stolen Credit Cards

Some fun (no, not really) potential aftershocks of the Sony Playstation Network breach: The price of buying a stolen credit card number could drop from $5-$10 per to $1-$2 if the hackers flood the market with the 2.2 million credit cards they claim to have access to…

…the breach could cost Sony $1.5 billion

…Credit card lenders could be out the nose $300 million, just from the cost of having to replace the cards for all the affected customers

One way to protect yourself from stupid companies that don’t protect your account data properly is to use a disposable credit card number. Citibank, Discover, and Bank of America all off this service which creates a one-time use credit card number each time you want to use it for an online transaction.

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