Tire Shop Spits On Investigative TV Crew

When CBS Sacramento’s Call Kurtis went to investigate consumer complaints that a tire shop was advertising super low prices and then jacking up the price with the final bill, the store didn’t do a very good job of living down their reputation. Especially when they spit on the camera crew twice and gave them the middle finger. I also enjoyed the part where Kurtis asks who owns the store and the guy behind the counter says, “your mom.”

Based on the consumers they interviewed and the tv crew’s own experience, what this store’s modus operandi seems to be is to advertise below market rates for tires on Craigslist and then crank up the final bill with bogus charges and unauthorized add-ons. When the shopper balks, the store uses intimidation and bullying to drive them away. Charming.

While the behavior is inexcusable, you should always watch out for a deal that sounds “too good to be true.” It often is.

Call Kurtis Crew Spit On During Tire Shop Investigation [CBS Sacramento]

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