Lawsuit Accuses Apple, Google, Others Of Employee Pay Conspiracy

Could it be that tech heavyweights including Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit, Adobe, Pixar and Lucasfilm were entangled in a nefarious plot to keep employee wages down and profits up? That’s the allegation brought forth by a lawsuit filed in a California Superior Court, alleging antitrust violations among the companies, as well as “no solicitation” agreements that kept companies from poaching employees.

CNET reports the class action status-seeking suit, filed by a former Lucasfilm employee, accuses the companies of conspiring to eliminate competition for skilled labor.

The complaint follows last year’s antitrust settlement among the companies brought on by a Department of Justice investigation, in which the companies agreed to eliminate the practice of agreeing not to recruit certain employees from one another via cold calls.

Lawsuit accuses Apple, others of fixing worker pay [CNET]