If You Wanted Real Bacon, You Should Have Said So

While Denny’s continues to celebrate the glorious festival of Baconalia, Robert encountered quite the opposite recently at a local restaurant. He ordered a Cobb salad that included, among other things, bacon. When it arrived containing imitation bacon, he complained to the waitress and was told that if he wanted real bacon, he should have specified that he wanted the real thing.

This actually happened at our local “sports restaurant” and I’m not sure what to make of it. I ordered a Cobb salad which according to the menu had the usual ingredients including chicken, blue cheese, bacon, boiled egg, avocado, etc. When it arrived, most of the ingredients looked fine except that the bacon was that fake, cheapo, flaked stuff! I didn’t have any extra time so I went ahead and ate it, deciding not to go there again.

When the server took my card I’d written on the receipt “Use real bacon!” just to put in my 2 cents; I mean, for a $10 salad, c’mon! When she returned she said she’d spoken to the chef, and that next time I “should make sure and request real bacon.” WHAAAAAT? Should I really have to do that?

For the record, every other restaurant I’ve been to uses bacon when they say bacon. I didn’t think I was expecting too much?

Did he need to also specify that every other ingredient in the salad also be real? What does imitation lettuce taste like?

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