Walmart Tests Out Its Own Version Of Fresh Direct

Walmart is testing out “Walmart to Go,” an online grocery delivery service similar to Fresh Direct. As the nation’s hugest grocer, Walmart brings some big guns to the table, the most important of which is the price gun.

In the test in the San Jose, California area, a 64 oz of Horizon milk was $3.50, vs $4.29 at Fresh Direct. $1.98 got you 16 ounces of celery at Walmart, while it will run you $3.49 at Fresh Direct.

And can we say “12 varieties of Triscuits?” Yes, yes we can. Fresh Direct only has two. Suck it, Fresh Direct!

Though, Walmart To Go doesn’t let you get beef cut to spec, you have to choose from a range of predetermined cuts. And produce has to be bought by the pound, instead of being able to be bought individually.

However, setting up a massive fleet of trucks to deliver groceries is no joke, and scaling this nationally would take a lot of resources. But if there’s one thing Walmart’s good at, it’s being large and powerful and setting the terms of the market…

Wal-Mart Tests Service for Buying Food Online [NYT]

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