Hotel Issues Refund, Priceline Keeps All Of The Money

Wynn could use the services of a Priceline negotiator. He booked a stay at a Marriott through Priceline, but due to some confusion, the hotel put the price of the entire stay on his credit card. The hotel promised Wynn a refund of the incorrect charge, and didn’t end up charging Priceline for the hotel stay, either. That was incredibly nice of them, but leaves Wynn with a problem: Priceline still charged him, and simply kept all of the money.

I booked a room at the courtyard Marriott in [redacted] New York through Priceline. By mistake the hotel charged me for the prepaid room. After many phone calls and
Emails I think that the hotel will cancel their charge on my visa card. They have promised to, but I have yet to see the charge deleted.

Because of the aggravation the hotel decided not to charge me for the hotel stay at all, and therefore not charge Priceline for the hotel room.

The hotel suggested I should ask Priceline to refund the money they charged me.
After 1 phone call and 2 emails, price line refuses to refund the money. They are pocketing the full fee for the hotel room, without having to pay the Marriott any money at all.

Their response to me was that they do not give refunds.

This is an interesting case. No refunds is Priceline’s policy, and they make that clear. That’s fair. If the hotel stay occurred less than two months ago, it’s ideal for a chargeback, but Wynn really did stay in the hotel room. It’s just the hotel that never handed over the money it charged Wynn to Priceline.

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