Robot Will Help Bring Hair To The Bald — Unless You're Blond

Minoxidil, toupees, hair weaves and extensions… Soon joining this list of hair-loss solutions? How about a robot that automates “harvesting” hair from balding men for use in transplants later?

The FDA has approved of one such automaton called the ARTAS System from Restoration Robots in Mountain View, Calif. It features an interactive, image-guided robotic arm, special imaging technologies, and a computer interface that allows doctors to collect patient’s hair follicles by using “small dermal punches.”

It sounds painful, but the company claims no sutures or bandages were needed during prototype testing. And, its creators say it’s less intrusive and quicker than some traditional methods for gathering patient’s follicles which are then manually transplanted onto the balding scalp spots.

Unfortunately, there is one drawback. ARTAS can only work on male patients with black or brown hair. For now, females, blonds and red-heads will still have to rely solely on human hands for hair-loss treatments.

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