Analysis: Most Of The Worst Cars On The Road Are Made By U.S. Companies

Although American car manufacturers have taken strides to improve the quality of their products, they still produce their share of clunkers.

Using information gleaned from Consumer Reports reliability and performance studies, Forbes made a list of the worst cars on the road, and all but three of the models on the list are made by American companies. The Dodge Dakota and Chevy Tahoe Hybrid made the list, which include representatives from every American manufacturer but Ford. The only foreign cars that made the list were the Mercedes-Benz S550, Smart Fortwo and Nissan Titan.

Factors that qualified cars for the list included cost, fuel efficiency, value, safety, performance and reliability.

What do you think about the quality of American-made cars in general? What’s the worst car you’ve ever owned?

The worst cars on the road — be wary of domestic rides [Forbes via MSNBC]

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