Pump Price Keeps Rising Even Though You Stopped Filling Up

Seems like gas prices want to rise so bad, they’re even doing at the pumps themselves. Kirkster captured on video a fuel pump where the gallons and cost on the meter kept rising even after he stopped filling up his car. As if $4 gasoline wasn’t bad enough!

The phenomenon is known as “meter creep” and what’s probably going on is that the check valve is buggy and needs to be replaced. If you see this happen, you should notify the gas station so they can get it fixed. If you come back a week or so later and it’s still not fixed, file a complaint with your local Weights and Measures department to come check it out.

Also, if you hang up the nozzle, the price should stop rising.

As if the Fuel prices were not enough [the370z] (Thanks to Jason!)

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