Appeals Court Gives Both Dish, TiVo Reasons To Be Happy, Sad

TiVo and Dish Network are locked up in a never-ending lawsuit over the satellite provider’s alleged violation of TiVo’s DVR patents, and a U.S. Federal Court of Appeals ruling Wednesday only served to muddle the picture.

Deadline reports the court ordered Dish to pay TiVo $90 million because its older DVR models violated the patents, but left it up to lower courts to decide whether the newer models were in violation. Because TiVo is basically running on empty — forced to borrow $150 million last month in part to keep its legal battles with Dish and other corporations going — the fact that Dish will get to drag the case out will serve to its advantage. Dish has also vowed to appeal the $90 million judgment to the Supreme Court.

Did Investors Miss The Real Story In Court Decision For TiVo? [Deadline]

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