Netflix Wants To Charge Extra For Multiple Video Streams, Swim In Piles Of Cash

Netflix was sitting around looking at its money when it realized that it didn’t quite have enough to do the whole Scrooge McDuck swimming maneuver, so the video giant has come up with an idea: “family plans” that allow you to stream more than one program at once.

From PC Mag:

“As streaming has become central to our business, we believe there may be an opportunity to change our focus from a household relationship to an individual relationship, since streaming is viewed on personal devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, as well as on shared large screen televisions,” Netflix said in a note to investors.

The company continued on to say that their “long-term goal is to evolve the Netflix service so that it feels more natural to have a personal account. We will also be working on broader Facebook integration which we hope will further the notion of personal accounts.”

Interested? Do you want to integrate your Facebook into your Netflix? Or do you not want your friends knowing you gave 5 stars to Hot Tub Time Machine.

(Hey, I liked it, OK?)

Netflix Mulling Family Plans, Multiple Streams [PCMag]

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