Calphalon Replaces Flaky Omelet Pans, Delights Customer

When the non-stick coating began to flake off Denise’s set of Calphalon omelet pans, her first plan was to get rid of them and buy new ones. Then she had a different idea: pack the old pans up and send them to Calphalon in an attempt to get a discount on a new set. They sent something back, but it wasn’t a coupon.

I would like to share my experience dealing with Calphalon and their extraordinary customer service.

I owned a set of 3 Calphalon Omelette pans (8″, 10″, 12″) which I absolutely loved to use when cooking. Unfortunately, after quite a few years of use some the non-stick cooking surface began to flake off so I decided to stop using them. My first thought was to buy a new set of pans to replace the ones I was no longer using. On a whim, I decided to ship my used pans, along with a short note, to Calphalon to see what they could do to keep a long time customer happy. Secretly, I was hoping to get some sort of discount coupon to purchase new ones, but to my surprise, within a week, I received a new set of pans…FREE! No questions or hassles just great customer service.

I want to share this story to reward Calphalon’s efforts for above-and-beyond customer service and making me a happy cook once again!