Tajazzle Bedazzles Your Intimate Areas

This is an incredible infomercial for “Tajazzle,” a “3-step system of personal confidence” whose third step is a crystal tattoo that you place in an area “only your lover can find.” Everything from the product itself, to the cheesy actors super committed to being super sensuous, is hilarious.

One of the keys to making money as an infomercial is to create an “income stream” from your customers. This is just a fancy way of saying “get them signed up to keep giving you money over and over.” Tajazzle does this by selling refill packs for the body powder, and then encourages you to use it, along with the flavored honey stick that you rub on your body, every day. Soon enough, you’ll be needing a refill for your “personal confidence system.”

I swear that the Tajazzle commercial is using a Jennifer Love Hewitt look-alike in parts to pitch the project. I think this might be because she was going around for a while talking about how she was into “Vajazzling,” as seen in this George Lopez clip: