Funeral Home Patrons Find 'Walking Dead' Billboard Offensive For Some Reason

Remarkably, no one at ClearChannel Advertising seems to have realized that it might be a bad idea to post a giant ad for a zombie-themed television program on the exterior wall of a funeral parlor. That’s precisely what happened in the town of Consett in England. The advert for post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead has now been taken down, and the company responsible has apologized, but how on earth did this happen in the first place?

A spokesman for the funeral home told reporters that they had been assured ads posted next to the building would not be offensive, and this billboard “could cause unnecessary distress.”

ClearChannel put out a statement on the mistake, saying:

We apologise for any offence caused by the unfortunate juxtaposition of this ad. It was certainly not intended. We have arranged to have it moved right away.

I have racked my delicious brain trying to think of an even more ironic place to put the billboard, but have come up with nothing. Any ideas?

Now that IS product placement! Billboard for zombie show The Walking Dead posted on side of a FUNERAL PARLOUR [Daily Mail] (via Entertainment Weekly – thanks, Kelly!)

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