Roku Replaces 3-Year-Old Streaming Video Box That Stops Streaming

When James’s father gave him one of the original Roku units from a few years ago, he couldn’t get it to connect to his house’s network… or to see any networks at all. He gave the company a call for help, not expecting much because the unit was well out of warranty. A short time later, a brand-new replacement box was on its way.

I’d like to share a great experience with Roku customer service that I had. My father bought the original roku around three years ago. He recently upgraded to the new XDS and gave me his old unit. Being that I use my Ps3 to stream netflix, I told my mom I’d hook it up in her room so she would have her own netflix. When I went to set up the box to connect to my wireless network I found I was unable to. The unit would scan for networks and then return a blank page at which if I hit any button other than Back the box would freeze and then restate.

I contacted Roku’s online chat support and got right on with a rep. I told her the issue and that I had revolted the box myself via a reset button but nothing alleviated the issue. She had me try once before and when that didn’t work she stated she will replace the box for me. She called my house and left a claim number on my message machine while I was out. I call back and after giving a few tidbits of info a box was on it’s way via fedex.

What makes this all so great is that this box was long out of warranty and without the slightest hassle Roku opted to replace it which they really didn’t have to do. I’m very pleased with their service and would also like to add that the two individuals I dealt with, one via online chat and the other by phone, were very courteous and helpful. Great job Roku!

That is truly impressive. Nicely done, Roku!

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