Buying A Verizon Phone Through Sam's Club Has No Activation Fee, Except For How It Does

Lisa bought a Droid X for her daughter on her family plan, going through the Sam’s Club Mobile website. Now, the site promised a deal where there was no activation fee, so she was confused when she opened her first bill and saw a $25 activation fee. Sam’s Club has refunded the fee to her, but she won’t see it back for another three months or so.

I bought a phone from Sams Club Mobile (on-line sams club website), a DroidX for my daughter so we can do the family share plan deal.

She has the phone and it works fine, no problems there.

The problem is that the deal on the phone came with NO FEE activation. I received first bill from Verizon (BTW huge sticker shock) and guess what (you already know the answer), a $25.00 ACTIVATION fee. So, I call up to Verizon, and they have no control over this, they can’t refund the fee, although my receipt and contract show a “No Activation Fee”. They said to call sams and advised me this is what happens when you go to a third party reseller.

So, I do a nice long “chat” with Sams Club Mobile and they said “yes there is no $25.00 activation fee”, and you will see credit on your FOURTH monthly bill from Verizon. WTF?!? I later called, and they said I would see a credit on the fourth monthly bill for $25.00. Again WTF?!?. My receipt shows NO Activation Fee, and no mention in the 300 page contract as well.

Now, I was lied to, the contract is a lie (void?), and after four months, they figure suckers like me will forget and they win. So, can I get my daughter’s money back?

Verizon would not remove the $25.00 activation fee no matter how nice I asked.

Am I just one big sucker?

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